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{October 23, 2011}   Annie on My Mind

Title: Annie on My Mind

Author: Nancy GardenAnnie On my Mind bookcover

MLA Citation: Garden, Nancy. Annie on My Mind. New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1982. Print.

Awards/Honors: Margaret A. Edwards Award

Annotation: Liza and Annie meet at the Metropolitan one rainy November day. They quickly become friends, spending every moment as they can together the week of Thanksgiving. When their quick-forming friendship develops into more, both must sort out their feelings and their relationship.

Booktalk: Have you ever questioned something that is the status quo? Annie and Liza meet at the Metropolitain Museum of Art and form a friendship that makes Liza question where her thoughts are coming from. When Liza and Annie unexpectedly begin kissing one another on the beach, their relationships moves into a new dimension. Over spring break, though, something happens that brings an end to their relationship. Now away at college at MIT, Liza can’t get Annie off her mind. How would you come to terms with your feelings going against the status quo?

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