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{October 2, 2011}   Review: Forever

Title: Forever

Author: Judy Blume

Forever bookcover

MLA Citation:Blume, Judy. Forever. Scarsdale: Bradbury Press, 1975. Print.

Awards/Honors:  1996 ALA Margaret A. Edwards Award

Annotation: The story of a high-school couple’s journey through the world of love, sex, and the realization that sharing sexual experiences does not mean “forever”.

Review:  Forever deals with the first love relationship that so many young adults encounter. Blume does an excellent job at accurately representing what a teen’s first serious relationship often consists of – the love bordering on obsession, the sexual relationships and concerns that go along with it, and the thought that this first relationship could mean “forever”. Blume also does a wonderful job at illustrating the awkwardness of one’s first sexual encounter. While this has led to Forever being banned and challenged so much that it made ALA’s Top 100 Most Frequently Banned Books list, it is important for teens to understand that their first time will most likely not be as romantic and magical as so many other sources have told them it would be. Blume also addresses the issue that with sexual relationships come responsibilities and the potential for serious and life-altering consequences.

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