Book 'n Tea Break

Book ‘n Tea Break History

Book ‘n Tea Break was started in 2011 for a Resources for Young Adults class at Drexel. The hopes are that once this class has come to an end, this blog will remain a blog site, but will potentially shift focus. Book ‘n Tea Break’s name came from the author’s passion for both tea and books and her striving to do both whenever she has a break – from school, work, etc.


About the Woman Behind the Posts

Book ‘n Tea Break is the brainchild of Rose, a MSLIS Student at Drexel’s iSchool. She currently lives in New Hampshire but is a New Jersey native. Besides tea and books, Rose enjoys walks and ball-playing with her dog, a Blue Heeler mix. She also has recently started learning to crochet and do yoga, although she claims to be good at neither. An avid reader, Rose has too many favourites to pick just one book or genre. Her recent “CPD”s (Can’t Put Downs) have been Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study and Juliet Grey’s Becoming Marie Antionette: A Novel.


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